Considering redundancies or any kind of business reorganisation can be  problematic and procedures need to be put into place to avoid legal challenges. Any  process that will result in staff losing their jobs or changing their terms and conditions of employment needs careful planning to ensure costly and damaging pitfalls are avoided.


Redundancy & Reorganisation
Alternative Path

If we are engaged at an early stage, we will help you to consider all the alternative options to reduce the risk of litigation. Can you reorganise your business or amend existing terms and conditions of employment?

Expert Guidance

We provide expert help and guidance to ensure selection for redundancy is made fairly and without contravening employment law.


We plan the redundancy process from start to finish to ensure compliance with regulations and will conduct interviews with the selected employees at each stage if requested.


Where appropriate we will support you within meetings with affected staff with the aim of making a stressful event less daunting for all involved.

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