Managing absence is crucial to any business. It affects productivity, profitability and morale. It can also be time consuming and involve difficult conversations. Businesssynergy work with clients to address absentee concerns and when required assist in  managing difficult or tricky cases  in a fair, and sensitive manner.


We know employment law in relation to employee capability and will instigate and/or attend interviews where a formal process is necessary to address an issue.


We can provide access or liaise with health professionals to assist with the decision making processes.


Business owners and managers often feel unsure about tackling absence for the fear of getting it wrong. This can lead to employees who have health issues being ignored or being away from work longer than necessary. We can address issues in accordance with employment laws to resolve problems.

There are three main categories of work absences:

Authorised absences
– a planned and approved absence.

Unauthorised absences
– unplanned and not previously arranged.

Unplanned but with a legitimate reason
– sickness

Our HR consultants stay up to date with the latest Employment law advice, so you can rest assured all hr advice and support will be correct.

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