By Eve Tubb
June 15, 2019

Networking is like marmite! Some people love it – and some people absolutely hate it! Whatever your view of networking; one undeniable fact is that it helps you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business.

For entrepreneurs, networking is generally an inexpensive and effective strategy for promoting business growth and personal development and really shouldn’t be shrugged off as a day out of the office chatting and drinking coffee ….. although you do get to do that too (bonus).

For well established businesses networking is a way of sharing information and forming trust to help each other achieve goals. Regular interaction allows opportunity to assist with certain issues, thus strengthening your relationships which will undoubtedly be reciprocated.

Networking can give you a fresh perspective on things with everyone’s ideas flying around the room. Information sharing will again strengthen your relationship with your contacts.

Getting noticed is a benefit of networking that’s essential for personal career progression. Attending professional and social events will help to get your face known and can open doors to new opportunities whether that be new clients, a personal career gain or information.

Networking is a great opportunity to see what other businesses in the same sector as you are doing. You may even decide to change the way you do things as a result of speaking to them or vice versa. Discussing common challenges can provide insight for you and your business when facing turbulent times.

If you have a strong network of business connections, you will always have people on hand to help you answer some tough questions. The more people you have in your network, the likelier you are to be the first to know when those big opportunities pop up.

The more you get out there and network the more confident and the better at it you become! You never know when you will secure that next big client or that next promotion.

Businessynergy ‘love’ networking and so we are starting our very own monthly Connexions networking event for women in business! Our first event is on Wednesday 19th June at Yarnton Home and Garden in Oxfordshire. We have guest speaker Jo Ciriani from Spaghetti Agency joining us to talk about ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Social Media’.

We hope to see you there …. Give it a go!

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