Fact File: Recruitment – COVID and The Job Market.

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By Rebecca Brown
December 16, 2021

Indeed provided a very insightful presentation this month on the trends they are identifying via their website along with the latest unemployment statistics.

In summary:

  • Unemployment rate is still below pre pandemic levels
  • Economic inactivity rate is higher than pre pandemic
  • Estimated almost 1 million missing from the labour market compared with pre pandemic.
    • Third of this figure can be explained by smaller population due to lower net migration from the combination of covid and brexit.
    • Two thirds is due to hiring economic inactivity, older people taking early retirement and younger people opting to stay in education longer
  • All of the above contribute to hiring challenges at present
  • Existing financial cushions
  • Caring responsibilities
  • People are waiting for better opportunities to appear in the job market
  • Hiring rates over the seasonal months is up but searches on indeed on the candidate portion of the website is down
  • According to ONS, a record number of job switches took place over Q3 of this year, most of which between lower and medium skilled workers
  • Reasons include higher pay, career path change and flexibility
  • Rising wages in different industries has a lot to do with the increased rate of job switches in Q3.

The full presentation is available to access via the Indeed website.

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