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By Rebecca Brown
September 22, 2021

Can you give a brief description of your company? 

St Peters Garden centre is proud to be an independent family run business. Our plants are homegrown in our onsite nursery, we have a bustling restaurant, food hall and butchery. Poppy’s farm is the newest addition to the garden centre, designed and created for our younger customers to enjoy. The farm includes a nature trail and an opportunity for little ones to learn about plants and wildlife.

How did you first hear about our service? 

Businessynergy were recommended to us by a fellow garden centre who use them for their HR services. I was keen to find someone who could help us navigate through some HR challenges we were experiencing at the time.

What made you decide to work with Andy & Eve over other companies?

It was important that I found a company who could be more than just a service at the end of a phone. I didn’t want a ‘how to’ guide on how to deal with HR issues, I wanted a company who could be hands on and get engaged with the business, while learning and supporting us personally. Andy and Eve go above and beyond this and fitted the bill perfectly.

What Measurable Benefits Have You Seen since working with Businessynergy?

  • We now have accurate and up to date employment records for all employees in the business
  • A clear recruitment process and structure
  • Updated contracts for all employees
  • Structure to the business

What challenges/problems required you to outsource your HR dept?

As an independent, family run business, HR in general can be a challenge! We have outsourced HR for a number of years due to a lack of skill set and no requirement to have internally. Specifically, the main reason I wanted to source a new HR service was due to an update requirement to all employees Terms and Conditions.

What did you find most appealing about working with Andy & Eve?

The bespoke and engaging nature of the service Andy was happy to put together which fitted the needs of the business perfectly.

How did you introduce Businessynergy to your employees?

As we were in the height of the pandemic, Businessynergy and their services were communicated through the business via our monthly newsletter.

How did you implement/introduce Businessynergy with the business? 

Once our bespoke service had been agreed, I worked with Andy to set out an action plan with dates to work towards. A data gathering process was started and uploaded electronically to start the ball rolling.

How has our solution helped since implementation? 

All of our HR files were horrendously out of date and incomplete. Uploading files onto Breathe and highlighting missing records has been the most significant task to be implemented. Working in this way has transformed the way we deal with HR and brought a clear process and structure to our personnel files. We can safely say this is the most organised we have ever been!

What have you been most impressed with? 

I recognised our previous HR services were no longer working for us, but this was always low on the the pecking order as bigger priorities occurred. Working with Andy and Eve has given us structure, they are dedicated and constantly pushing me and the business to keep the wheels turning.

What plans do you have to use Businessynergy in the future? 

We have recently updated all employee contracts and have an updated handbook to roll out shortly. Our next big project is to implement the new Breathe software; Rota, Time and Attendance across the business and also a possible restructure as the business continues to grow. We have several projects in the pipeline to keep Businessynergy very busy!

Is there anything else we should know, or you would like to add?

Andy and Eve are a pleasure to work with. Everything set out in our original meeting has been delivered and I would have no hesitation in recommending Businessynergy to other garden centres looking for a bespoke and trusted HR service.

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