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By Eve Tubb
February 27, 2020

We have been using Breathe as an HR system for just over a year now and it has totally changed how we are able to work with our clients. Currently, 70% of our retained clients use Breathe to manage their employees. We wanted to give you a personal view of what’s great about this cloud-based HR System.

Why do we love Breathe?

Breathe helps us to help you manage your employee more efficiently. When Businessynergy are providing you with advice, instead of searching filing cabinets of incomplete employee files for information, the details are stored on a cloud-based system. This means that we can access the employee information quickly and provide you with a more informed response.

Why do our clients love Breathe?

Managing employees can be very time consuming and the amount of admin that goes with it can be very overwhelming. Breathe allows you to automate holiday booking and the sickness process. Employees become responsible for updating their own records and line managers are automatically reminded of key events and dates. Breathe helps our clients to dramatically reduce their employee admin and paperwork, giving them more time to focus on other areas of managing their employees and their business.

What else do we love about Breathe?

It helps to develop Employees:

As well as reducing the admin connected to the everyday management of employees, Breathe can help you develop your teams. You can manage staff effectively by using the built-in process for 1-1 ‘s and performance management. You are also able to record and monitor employee objectives, with tools allowing you to delegate to other managers.

Easy Access:

Breathe works around you and your employees, it’s available to everyone, when and wherever. You can make online announcements to all staff or to a specific team. The system provides automatic reminders of key
events. Company and employee documents can be uploaded on to the system for you and your employees to see and/or use. You can access contact details for all of your staff which is especially helpful if you can’t access your Company premises for any reason.

Value for money:

Over the years we have experienced many different HR systems and Breathe delivers what it promises. It is a secure, intuitive system that allows our clients to be ‘up and running’ in a matter of hours and our retained service including Breathe start from as low as £90 per month+ VAT.

These are just a few of the benefits that make online HR systems an essential tool. For a free trial and for more information please contact us here.

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